Canadian Food Truck in Belfast


"I wanted to make Poutine that would be as good as back home. I try, however, to cater to local tastes as well as trying new flavours".


1 Donegall Quay

Belfast, BT1





12.00 - 18.00 

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Our make at  home kits are still available. We also have some great Christmas Nanaimo Bars and Montreal Steak spice gft sets. Take a look  Call us if you would like to order one.





"Montréal native moved to Northern Ireland and craved Poutine"

Hailing from Montreal, Canada, eating Poutine was a regular thing. After moving to Northern Ireland a gravy chip with cheese just wasn't cutting it, and so Oui Poutine was born.

After seeing the awesome food trucks in other parts of the world I wanted to bring Poutine as a  Street Food addition to Northern Ireland, and so we found our truck "Moose".

Our 1996 Ford Transit has been plodding along the narrow windy roads of Northern Ireland since March 2016, and you will find us each week at our pitch beside the "Big Fish" at Donegal Quay, Belfast. We like to venture out to events so follow us @ouipoutine on social media to get up to date news.


Although Poutine hails from Quebec we try to use as much local produce, and most importantly we use real "squeaky" cheddar cheese curds.


All our takeaway packaging and utensils are made from plant based products and are 100% compostable!


We try to use local produce where we can. Like using Kennedy Bacon, Habenero Steves and local potatoes.



We can cater for your special events. 


Birthdays, parties, corporate events or weddings, no problem.


Contact us to discuss what we can do for you.